In Memory

In Memory of Our Members Who died in 2000 or later

Now with Jesus


Safely Home

I am home in heaven, dear ones;

oh, so happy and so bright!

There is perfect joy and beauty

in the everlasting light.


All the pain and grief is over,

every restless tossing passed;

I am now at peace forever,

safely home in heaven at last.


There is work still waiting for you,

so you must not idly stand,

do it now while life remaineth—

you shall rest in God’s own land.


When that work is all completed,

He will gently call you home;

oh, the rapture of that meeting,

oh, the joy to see you come!


Author Unknown


Franks, Beverly, 82 years old


Maulsby, Betty, 93 years old


Reavis, Pat, 94 years old


Reynolds, Pauline, 99 years old



Clement, Thomas Patrick (Pat), 97 years old, Deacon, Husband of Mary Jean Clement

Smith, Louise, 96 years old, Wife of Homer Smith



Bryce, Carl, 88 years old

Mitchell, Staci, 44 years old



Alley, Bobby Lee, 93 years old (Non-member, but faithful attender)

Cloud, Ray Arland, 80 years old, Deacon for 46 years, Husband of Patricia Ann Cloud

Dickson, Jr., John Hugh, 92 years old, Husband of Betty Jo Dickson



Bird, Freeda, 87 years old, Wife of Dewey

Brown, Edna, 95 years old, Wife of Hersel Brown

Carolan, Rose, 85 years old

Huggins, Clois W., 79 years old

McKee, Ernest, 86 years old

Reavis, Melva “Nolen”, 89 years old, Wife of Robert “Bob” Reavis



Allison, Noah “Buster”, 91 years old, Dad of Verma Charlton

Charlton, Verma, 70 years old, Daughter of Buster Allison

Garland, Jerry, 91 years old, Husband of Wilma Jean

Reavis, Robert (Bob), 98 years old, Husband of Melva “Nolen” Reavis


Shores, Franklin (Frank) Delano, 72 years old

smith, Homer, 96 years old, Deacon, Husband of Louise Smith



Baker, Mary, 81 years old

Dickson, Betty Jo, 84 years old, Wife of John Hugh Dickson, Jr.

Fioretti, Ray E., 79 years old

Horn, Geraldyne (Jerre), 90 years old, Wife of Kelly Horn

 Jacobs, Elda Beth (Leisher), 87 years old

Lassiter-Clement, Bee, 86 years old

Stiles, Estel Earl, 82 years old

Street, Henry, 95 years old

Vaughn, Virgil G, 86 years old, Deacon



Bailes, Georgia Fern, 82 years old, Wife of Tom Bailes, Jr.

 Blankenship, Dwight, 92 years old, Husband of Frankie Blankenship

Blankenship, Frankie, 85 years old, Wife of Dwight Blankenship

Floyd, Mary Marie, 93 years old

McSpadden, Violet Marie, 94 years old

PFC Ware, Garrett, 23 years old



Clement, Mary Jean (Watson), 85 years old, Wife of Pat Clement

Fioretti, Kathy, 71 years old

Gannaway, Lela Faye, 94 years old

Heavin, Willie Bee (Harrison), 87 years old, Wife of Donald Heavin, (Non-member but faithful attender)

Horn, Kelly, 96 years old, Husband of Geraldyne Horn

Pendergrass, Betty 71 years old



Franks, Jimmy Ray “Jim”, 76 years old



Bailes, Jr., Tom, 87 years old, Husband of Fern Bailes

Brown, Hersel, 92 years old, Deacon, Husband of Edna Brown

Cloud, Patricia, 70 years old, Wife of Ray Cloud

Garland, Wilma Jean, 90 years old, Wife of Jerry Garland

Heavin, Donald Clay, 82 years old, Husband of Willie Bee Heavin, Non-member, but faithful attender

Johnson, Bernice, 81 years old, Wife of Jack Johnson

Johnson, Jack, 81 years old, Husband of Bernice Johnson

Keith, Jack Huston, 84 years old

Medlock, Johnny W., 64 years old

Tatum, Evelyn Carlina, 85 years old



Forrester, Doreen, 55 years old



Cagle, Jo Anna (Vance), 85 years old

Cole, Billy Bob, 46 years old

Wiley, Carlee (Beller), 90 years old, Charter Member of Main Street Baptist Church



Bird, Dewey, 80 years old, Husband of Freeda Bird

Cohen, Lida Mae, 89 years old




Not Available     Jacobs, Leon, 79 years old



Beeman, Lorene M., 81 years old



Cariker, Kate, 96 years old

Clement, Bill, 84 years old