Bible Games


Games are a good and fun way to learn more about the Bible. Below are links to websites which provide a variety of games free of charge.

For Teens and Adults

  1. (You will need to scroll down the page just a bit to the section, Play Free Bible Trivia Games.) Here you and a friend (or spouse) can compete in Bible Baseball, Bible Jeopardy, Bible Trivia Challenge, Saintly Millionaire, and Bible Trivia by Category. 
  2. Free personal finance resources for teachers ( This site provides not only a financial game but many other resources to help you learn about managing your personal financial affairs in a manner pleasing to God. To get to the game, click on Net Worth Quest Game. The game is just not for teachers. It can be used to determine how much you know about managing your personal financial affairs. One to four can play the game. It can be played for the number of rounds players choose. Multiple-choice Questions answered correctly are worth $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 of net worth. The more net worth awarded for a question, the harder the question. Net Worth is assets (things of value you have) minus liabilities (debts you owe). Your net worth is an indicator of your level of financial success. Some of the questions included in the game are Christian oriented. Best of luck in your quest to accumulate net worth and become a financial guru!
  3. No Prep Games for Church Groups ( These fun games require little or no preparation. Each game can be used to teach a Christian principle.
  4. This Bible trivia game allows you to select the subject matter and difficulty of the multiple-choice or true-false questions. At the end of play it shows your score, and for the questions you answered incorrectly the Bible verse to look at for the answer. You can invite a friend to take the quiz and compare your scores (the friend will be given the same questions you were). With the click of your mouse you can see the scores of recent players, and the scores of top players. This game is an excellent way to increase your knowledge of God’s Word and have fun at the same time. 
  5. Take a 100 item multiple-choice quiz or answer as many of the questions as you want. This a great way to test your knowledge of the Bible. The questions could easily be used in a team competition setting.

For Kids

  1. This site has a large selection of games. Some of the materials required for play are provided; any other items needed are likely available in most households. The games help familiarize kids with the Bible, teach them Bible principles, apply the Bible to their lives, and even provide a short lesson at the conclusion of play.
  2. A coloring book with Bible scenes is available at this website. The scenes can be painted online or they can be printed and colored offline.